Barrow (NZ$1120)
Drawbar, Standard Length (NZ$160)
Drawbar, Longer with Coupling (NZ$240)
Flat Deck Accessory Tray (NZ$180)
High Sides Kit (NZ$340)
Wheel Bushes Kit (NZ$40)
Caddy (NZ$40)

Prices exclude GST and freight.
All products include a 5 Year Guarantee.


SHIPPING DETAILS (if different from above)

Customers with a Rural Delivery address may wish to advise of an agreed Town address where they can collect from, to reduce delivery charges.

Once this form is submitted you will receive email confirmation of your order, including payment instructions and freight costs. Once we have received your payment, we will dispatch your new Bernie's Barrow within 5 working days thereafter, upon which time we will email you dispatch confirmation and details.

Thank you for ordering your Bernie's Barrow. You will soon be the proud owner of a New Zealand made, extra-large expertly engineered barrow that is built to last. Bernie will email you back with freight costs, and payment instructions as soon as he has that information available.

Please note - we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with our email, if you do not hear back within 2 days please call Bernie directly on 027 249 2517, we apologise for the inconvenience